Education for Deeper Social Integration – From Theory to Practice (EDSI-TP)

Project synopsis

The project "Education for Deeper Social Inclusion – from theory to practice" (EDSI-TP) is an organic continuation of the Erasmus+ KA2 project EDSI, which researched good practices in the field of adult education aimed at vulnerable groups, especially Roma. EDSI TP builds on the previous project and focuses on preparing intellectual outputs, which are key for the development of competences of teaching staff and consequently better addressing the needs of vulnerable adults in educational processes. The project will be implemented by a consortium of organisations coming from 7 countries (Slovenia, Bulgaria, Italy, Great Britain, Serbia, Germany and Poland) from different regions of Europe and with complementary professional backgrounds, which fosters the mixing of complementary perspectives, expertise and know-how.

The project primarily addresses the development of competences of teaching staff, which is involved in projects and programmes of adult education. Based on our previous experience and experiences of our partner organisations in this field, there are numerous shortcomings, especially in relation to education of vulnerable groups, that require differently structured approaches, a higher level of empathy and good understanding of intercultural differences as well as the ability to solve conflicts, that can arise out of these circumstances. In order to successfully integrate and socially activate vulnerable groups in partner countries, well-trained teaching staff and organisations with suitable capacities to carry out such operations, are required. The core goal of the project is to create an open educational resource that will help educators working with adults with fewer opportunities to address the most crucial issues in the best possible way.

Project objectives:

- To create innovative educational programmes intended for improvement of competences of educational staff working with adults with fewer opportunities;

- To develop the capacities of organisations that deal with adult education;

- To improve educational programmes intended for people with fewer opportunities, especially in the field of digital literacy, individual counselling, entrepreneurship and EU values;

- To increase the attendance at educational programmes aimed at adults with fewer opportunities;

- To work on the inter-cultural dialogue, understanding of diversity and fighting discrimination.

The objectives of the project will be achieved by developing two intellectual outputs. The first is an open educational resource for educators that will contribute to enabling a holistic approach to educating adults coming from vulnerable groups. Within the project we will organise four Learning, teaching and training activities, which will serve as a testing ground for individual parts of the educational resource and will also importantly contribute to the development of the competences of the educational staff from partner organisations. These activities will address areas we found crucial for the projects' target groups: Digital competences and functional literacy, Individual approaches and career guidance, Entrepreneurship and Common European Values.

The second is a series of short animations aimed at broader audiences. They will serve as promotional material for the project on the one hand, and on the other they will promote the importance of life-long learning and including vulnerable groups in comprehensive educational programmes.

The project will conclude with an international multiplication event in the form of a conference organised in Slovenia, which will serve as a catalyser for dissemination of intellectual results.

The project will impact the competences of educators, capacities of the organisations and over the latter also educational experiences and social inclusion of adults with fewer opportunities. Through the planned intellectual outputs we will also reach educational staff working in organisations outside the consortium.


Epeka, social enterprise — Slovenia

Project partners:

Regional Cluster North- East – Bulgaria

Universita Degli Studi Di RomaUnitelma Sapienza — Italy

Cumbria Credits Limited — United Kingdom

Fundacja europejski instytut outsourcingu — Poland

Epeka Berlin — Germany

Epeka Serbia — Serbia

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